Cobblestone Pavers Benefits

The Appeal of Cobblestone Pavers

There are many benefits of using cobblestone pavers. You can create beautiful designs and patterns that look like authentic cobblestone, with minimal work and in a fraction of time. There are so many shapes, sizes and colors available today, it would make your job easy!

You can create a classical look with cobblestone, with the same quality finish.  Repairs are also very easy, you just simply replace the affected pavers with another.

With cobblestone pavers, you can also be guaranteed of its durability, and longevity!

Design Features

Cobblestone pavers are very popular in the commercial, industrial

Cobblestone Pavers Design Features
and residential arenas. It is now easy to create that ‘old world’ charm that is associated with cobblestone! The vast array of intricate patterns and designs are easy to achieve over large and small areas with the use of detailed cobblestone pavers.

You can create unique features in your garden or house, which would look like it took a lifetime to complete! Also, there are literally hundreds of colors to choose from, something to suit everyone!



First, you will need to excavate the desired area to an appropriate depth. You will need to take into account the materials you’re using, the base material and sand bedding. Once you have dug a trench, you will need to compact your sub-base.

It is now time to backfill with base material, generally crushed stones. Here is a guide to determining how deep your base material should be:

  • Use by foot traffic only: 3-4 inches deep
  • Use by light vehicle traffic: 6-8 inches deep
  • Use by heavy vehicle traffic: 8-12 inches deep

When you have determined and laid your base material, be sure to compact the area to 95% density, with the use of a tamping machine.

Sand Bedding

You can now spread and even the layer of your concrete sand. Normally a 1-2 inches layer is required. Screed the sand to create uniform depth.

Edge Restraints

Edge restraints are always recommended. They are available in a variety of material types, such as wooden, plastic, concrete, etc.

Cobblestone Installation

Install Cobblestone Pavers

When you have decided on your chosen pattern, lay the cobblestones accordingly. Remember to take care when laying out the pavers; you should distribute the colors evenly. Lay these pavers very close together. If you need to cut pavers, use a saw or a fracture tool.

Fill the Joints

Sweep sand over the joints of the cobblestone pavers, this will fill them up. With the use of a vibrating plate, compact the pavers into the sand bedding. It is recommended to carry the vibrating plate twice over the paved surface.

Just sweep off any excess sand, and your cobblestone pavers are ready to go!