The Appeal of Cobblestone Pavers Colors

Cobblestone Pavers will add that ‘old world’ charm to your landscape projects, such as patios, walkways, pathways, stepping stones, retaining walls, driveways, pool decking and courtyards. An added appeal of Cobblestone Pavers is the wide range of colors available on the market today. The contrasting colors will add character, and when combined with the many choices of laying patterns, you’re guaranteed a classic and unique cobblestone installation.     

Cobblestone Driveway Pavers


Cobblestone Pavers surrounding Swimming Pool Cobblestone Pavers are so versatile. They can be made from almost any type of stone, including granite and concrete interlocking cobblestones which are becoming very popular. Cobblestone Pavers are generally square or rectangle in shape, and vary in dimensions. The great thing about Cobblestone Pavers is that they are available in many colors, however, the most commonly used color is the gray Cobblestone.

When choosing your Cobblestone Paver color, we recommend that you see a sample of the product from the manufacturer. Sometimes the color on your screen may not turn out to be what you had expected. Sample colors shown on your computer screens are as accurate as possible.

Cobblestone Pavers Colors

With technology continuously advancing, you can have almost any color you desire custom made. There are manufacturers that specialize in customizing your specified color or color blends, for Cobblestone Paving.

Here are some of the Cobblestone Paver colors available on the market:

  • Pink
  • Tan
  • Charcoal
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Golden
  • Brown
  • Dark red
  • Desert Sand
  • Green
  • Silver/Gray
  • Yellow/Gold
  • Beige
  • Old Red
  • Terra cotta

Tan Cobblestone Paver


Green Cobblestone Paver

Cobblestone Paver Color Blends

Cobblestone pavers are also available in color blends for added appeal.

The most common color blends are:

  • Charcoal and Gray
  • Charcoal and Red
  • Charcoal and Tan
  • Tan and Brown
  • Golden and Tan
  • White and Charcoal
Cobblestone Pavers Color Blend

Other varieties with more than two colors blended together include:

  • Granite Blend: This consists of three to four vary shades of gray, from light to dark.
  • Autumn Blend: This blend consists of reds, oranges, rusts and beiges.
  • This blend consists of shades of gray, light to dark and shades of brown, light to dark, and a very earthy blend.
Cobblestone Pavers Color Blend