Cobblestone Natural Stone Pavers Patterns

The great thing about Cobblestone Pavers is that you can have them laid in a wide range of patterns. This enables you to create an elegant and appealing Cobblestone applications in the front or back yards of your property.

Another design feature of Cobblestone Pavers are the variety of different shapes that are available. These shapes includes square, rectangle with rounded edges, tumbled and the very popular octagon with an added small square piece, otherwise known as the ‘keystone’ shape.

Cobblestone Paver Keystone Shape

The “keystone’ shape enables the creation of very decorative and intricate paver patterns. These Cobblestone patterns are widely used for patios, courtyards, decking around the pool, walkways, pathways, balconies, verandahs, features and decorative centerpieces.

We will now discuss the various laying patterns for Cobblestone Pavers that are available on the market. Simply ask your manufacturer or Landscaping Contractor for their particular range of patterns or perhaps suggest one that you may prefer from the following range.

Cobblestone Paver Laying Patterns

The pattern that you choose will vary depending on the type of shape paver you select to install. The following patterns will depend on the paver shape that you use. You will however get a good idea of the pattern that will suite your particular application of Cobblestone Pavers.

Running Bond Patterns

There are three main types of Running Bond Patterns. The first is the Stack Bond, and this is simply where the pavers are stacked on top of each other vertically and horizontally in straight lines.
Stack Bond Pattern
1/3 Running Bond Paver Pattern Second pattern is the 1/3 Running Bond, in this patterns the joints for each row overlap the previous by a third of the width of the paver used.

And the lasl pattern is the Half Running Bond patterns, where the joints for each new row overlap the bottom row by half the width of the paver.        

Half Running Bond Paver Pattern

Herringbone Patterns

There are two types of Herringbone pattern, the 90-degree and the 45-degree.

The 90-degree Herringbone pattern can be most easily described as a laying pattern consisting of 90-degree capital L’s. When you look at the pattern all you can see is a pavement full of the letter L. This will also depend on the shape of Paver you choose to use.

The 45 degree Herringbone pattern is similar to the 90 degree, the only difference is that the capital L’s are laid on a 45 degree angle.
Basket Weave Pattern

Basket-weave Pattern

The Basket-weave pattern consists of a laying pattern where two adjacent pavers are laid vertically and then horizontally, in continuous sequence.

Circle Fan Pattern

The Circle Fan Pattern

The Circle Fan pattern as its name states, can be achieved by laying pattern of various sizes of pavers in the form of a circle or fan. This pattern forms an appealing decorative statement, and can be used for a feature or centerpiece. It is a traditional pattern choice for Cobblestone Pavers.