About Wall Caps and Coping Block Shapes

Introduction to Wall Caps and Coping

There are many different varieties of Wall Caps and Coping Shapes available on the market today. This gives consumers a wider selection and hence, endless design possibilities for your landscaping projects, adding aesthetic appeal and value to your property. When considering installing a Retaining Wall into your Landscape, you must also consider and choose the appropriate Wall Caps and Copings. Depending on your specific installation, there is the right type of shape for your unique application.
Wall Cap Blocks

Wall Caps and Copings provide a functional purpose; they protect the Retaining Wall or Pool Coping from the effects of weather and water saturation damage. With all the shapes to choose from, such a practical product can be made to look quite appealing, and blend in with the rest of your landscape surroundings. For example, if you have used natural stone pavers for your pool decking, you are now able to choose Copings of the same shape and design.

This article will discuss some of the various shapes of Wall Caps and Copings.

Standard Shape

Standard Copings are generally about 3 and 4 inches thick, but you can have then custom made to any dimension you require. Standard Caps are commonly thicker than Copings, and are generally about 5 or 6 inches thick and much heavier. They are made to hang over the wall about 2 inches. They are produced with a flat bottom, straight sides and a slight pointed top.


Classic Shape

wall coping stones The Classic Wall Caps and Copings have a more casual feel to them. They have chiseled edges and a crowned but flat top on them. The Classic Shape is also used for benches or as a display unit.

Consular Shape

The Consular Shaped Wall Caps and Copings are commonly used for the more formal type applications. This shape consists of a sawn sloped top. They are ideal for grand exterior entryways.
custome made copings and coping stones

Pier Caps

Pier Caps have a flat bottom and short straight sides. The top resembles the top of a triangle, by coming to a steep point.

Tier Caps

Tier Caps Tier Caps are made to be a little more decorative than the Pier Caps, for they come with patterned surfaces. They have flat bottoms, and sides that meet at a point, they can be best described as pyramid shapes.