Brick Driveway Pavers

Brick Driveway PaversThe exterior presentation in any type of property or setting is a crucial factor in creating the overall aesthetic appeal and presentation. Curb appeal plays an important role for all types of driveways whether it's for residential, commercial, community or industrial applications. Brick Pavers have been commonly used for driveways for many years because of their great visual and functional qualities.

Brick Paver PatternsBrick driveway pavers can certainly provide curb appeal that is enriched with beauty, wonderful color coordination, wonderful designs and patterns that adds elegance and character to the overall exterior presentation. There are many colors and textures, surface finishes, brick shapes and sizes to choose from to suit personal driveway requirements. There is a range of patterns that can be installed to enhance the driveway design.

Advantages And Benefits of Brick Pavers For Driveways

Grass driveways can look unappealing. They can be unsafe for foot and vehicular traffic and in most instances they can leave an uneven ground surface. When you compare the below advantages and benefits to replacing grass driveways, there are many valuable reasons to choose brick pavers. The following are many advantages and benefits of these:

  • Beautiful Brick Driveway Pavers Patterns Adds curb appeal that provides elegance, beauty and decorative appeal
  • Great color and texture selection to choose from
  • Many surface finishes to choose from
  • Great selection in sizes and shapes
  • They are durable and long lasting
  • They are a non slip surface {when sealed}
  • They are affordable
  • Many paving designs to choose from
  • They provide a level ground surface for vehicular and foot traffic
  • They can add up to 10% to 15% to the overall property value
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install

Three Main Types Of Driveway Pavers

The three most common types of driveway pavers are clay, natural stone and concrete pavers. Each type has advantages and disadvantages when compared to others in terms of durability, costs and long term life expectancy. Clay and natural stone are the preferred paving products for heavy duty driveway settings rather than concrete pavers.

The main reasons for the popularity of these two types of paving products is that they are made from natural products, therefore creating a natural look and feel. Other benefits are: they are much stronger which allows them to withstand heavy duty vehicular traffic, they have excellent durability values, they will last for decades and they have excellent resistance values as they will not chip or crack. One downside to clay and natural stone is the cost aspects. The only disadvantage is that they are more expensive than and there are less color choices than there are for concrete pavers

Concrete Pavers For Residential Driveways

Concrete pavers are more popular for residential driveways because of the affordability aspects as well as the wider color and texture selection that is available. If you are considering pavers for residential driveways, you first should seek professional advice as to which is suitable for your requirements as there are several categories in terms of durability and longevity aspects.

Paver Driveway Pavers DesignAs for the paving design, there are some wonderful designs and patterns that can be achieved, which include; herringbone design, stackstone, basket weave, circular and running bond designs. You can even incorporate several patterns to the driveway design to meet personal decor.

Sealing and Installing

Sealing brick pavers are done straight after initial installation and should be re-sealed every two to three years due to wear and tear factors as well as weather conditions. What our sealing products provide the brick paver driveways with is that they lock in the color so the color does not fade. A sealer provides a non-slip surface and a sealer also retains a shiny and smooth surface finish