Pavers Cleaning Procedures

General Cleaning of Pavers

Many products are available today, to help with the cleaning of your paved site. Whether it be your driveway, walkway, patio, or pool surrounding there is a cleaning product out there to help.

Concrete pavers, clay pavers, natural stone pavers, granite pavers and marble pavers all need to be cleaned differently. For example, some common cleaners may be too harsh for natural stone, others may contain too many acids and may strip concrete pavers of their color. So it is best to consult the makers of the product to have an understanding of what and where it can be used.

Paved Walkways


 Step 1: Before Cleaning Begins

It is best to have a good look at the paved area to see if any repairs are needed. Also remove any weeds or grass growing through the joints or surrounding area.

Under some circumstances chemicals contained in the cleaners may be harsh on the garden life surrounding the pavers, so it is suggested to trim flowers back so no damage can occur.

Step 2: Color Testing

It is also suggested that a simple test be done prior to applying the agent. Sample the cleaning agent’s effect on the area first, and make sure that you get the result that you expect.

Apply a tiny amount of cleaner onto the surface of a paver and leave it for a few minutes and then see if any  reaction occurred. If no reaction occurred continue to use. If a reaction occurred consult the manufacture.

Step 3: Watering Down the Surface

Using a bucket or hose, flush the paved site thoroughly with water. Once this has been done you can then sweep the area free of any dirt, grass or dusts that may be lying on the surface do this with the use of a broom.

Hosing Pavers

Step 4: Application of Cleaner

Once you find the most suitable cleaner for the pavers and have followed steps 1, 2, and 3, the cleaner may then be applied, using a broom, brush, or roller. Leave the cleaner to set for a couple of minutes.

Step 5: Removing Stains

Cleaning Pavers Once the cleaner has set, you can start scrubbing the stained area with the appropriate materials. This can be done by hand. In cases where the complete areas are stained and this cannot be done by hand, pressured water hoses can be used to assist with the cleaning. As soon as all stains are removed and the pavers are cleaned, rinse the area thoroughly with water and leave to dry, normally for a day or so.

Step 6: Choose and Apply Sealer

When the site is dry and free of water, the appropriate sealer may now be applied. Sealers also help with the up keeping of pavers and also helps protect pavers from any further damage. Note: Always take note of recommendations manufactures give; some cleaners may contain harsh chemicals that may damage your pavers. All products work in different ways.         

Sealing Pavers