Flagstone Pavers Applications

Flagstone is a natural stone that is quarried from stone deposits all over the world. Different parts of the world tend to produce different shades of flagstone that are used in various paving applications nowadays. Flagstone is cut into various thin slabs of stone in which different shapes and sizes of pavers are produced. Different types of flagstone include quartzite, slate, limestone and bluestone.

Residential Applications

Flagstone Steps Flagstone pavers have proven to be more applicable for uses in residential construction. Furthermore the variety of shapes, colors, textures and finishes available have made flagstone pavers one of the most attractive types of pavers to be used in residential applications such as patios, walkways, pool decks, stepping stones and walkways. Flagstones ability to create a dynamic, classic or timeless look to terraces and walking paths is what makes it so popular today!

There are two different ways that flagstone pavers can be installed. The first being a Sand bed, and the second method is by using mortar to firmly set them into place. It is important to note that before installing flagstone pavers, the user must have made a final decision on the color and finish for the desired project (flamed, honed, and polished).

Aesthetic Application

Consumers looking to improve the look of their home by utilizing flagstone pavers in constructing walkways and patios must be fully aware of the benefits available by using this natural stone. With flagstone pavers, homeowners are able to create a rustic of period look quite simply. Another key benefit of flagstone patio and walkway design is their ability to make intricate designs maintenance friendly. This saves house owner’s time by not demanding too much care and protection.
The Beauty of Flagstone

Flagstone Driveway

Flagstone pavers are able to provide interesting design for driveways. Although, flagstone is better suited for light-traffic areas, they have an excellent ability to provide outstanding drainage because they give on a bedding layer. On the other hand, experts have advised people that flagstone pavers can tend to pop loose from the base material and even crack.

The problem with this is that it is difficult to match at later dates, and if your flagstone is mortared into place, the repair and restoration can often be a hard fought out task!