Flagstone Pavers Shapes

Flagstone is a general term that is given to describe thin slabs of stone for the purpose of paving applications such as driveways, patios, walkways and gardens.
The Random Shapes of Flagstone fit together

Ranging in tremendous variety, flagstone is available in a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and patterns. These include bluestone, slate and quartzite. Flagstone needs to be cut into various shapes and sizes once quarried from the earth.

Flagstone Walkway

Flagstone is a popular choice  for paving applications  because of its uniform thickness which gives it great strength. Additionally, the range of shapes, colors and textures also means that it gives design flexibility in paving either indoor or outdoor applications.

Traditionally, flagstone comes in square or rectangular shapes with a naturally cleft surface. However, honed and thermal finishes are quite popular when desiring a smooth or flame textured finish to suit the chosen theme for the application.

Some of the key benefits of flagstone pavers include:

  • Maintenance free
  • Suitable for any creative application
  • Durable and slip resistant (natural cleft)
  • Available in various shapes, colors, sizes, patterns and finishes
Flagstone Swimming Pool Surrounding

Flagstone Paver Shapes:

The most commonly used flagstone paver shapes in commercial and residential building are irregular, rectangular, or square. However there are other commonly used shapes as well such as Appian, Uni Décor, Hexagonal, Diamond turf, and Spectrum.
Hexagonal Paver Shape and Square ShapeHexagonal Paver Shape
The beauty of Flagstone Pavers Flagstone can add beauty and create an aesthetically pleasing result for the simple fact that it is a natural stone. Shape irregularity and texture are important characteristics in creating visual texture to an application.

It is  important  to choose a suitable shape when designing your paving application. When creating a desired theme or look, whether ‘old world’, Mediterranean or contemporary, it is vital for the right selection to be made in order to match shapes and texture to the chosen theme.

Stone Paver shapes have enabled the creation of various paving patterns. Without different paver shapes, the numerous design and installation patterns of flagstone would not have been possible. Such paver patterns include cobble lock, marquise, circle in fan and the oxford series.