Granite Paver Cleaning

Formation of Granite Pavers

Granite Pavers PatternGranite is formed in natural stone from ocean deposits with centuries of formation and eventually such deposits are compressed into actual stone. To produce granite pavers, the stones are quarried and are cut into various shapes, sizes and thickness.  The natural beauty, the high durability attributes, the exceptional strength values and the natural textures, is why so many home owners and landscape designers opt for this type of stone. There are many benefits to choosing granite pavers for your next pavement project. This type of natural stone has superior functionality values but at the same time the decorative impact and natural characteristics of granite pavers will tie in beautifully. They will bring elegance and charm into any setting.

Better Long Term Investment than Non Natural Pavers

Granite Natural Stone Stairway Pavers Granite pavers are regarded as one of the strongest natural stones that can last for centuries because they have excellent natural strength, superior durability as well as natural capabilities and resistances. With such great natural durability factors,  granite pavers will withstand wear and tear, tolerate all weather conditions and create a pavement that is safe , non slip and reliable for foot and vehicular traffic . Although they are more expensive than manufactured pavers, looking at the long term aspects, they are certainly the better investment as they will outperform and outlast any manufactured pavers.

Sealing the Pavers for Surface Protection 

Sealing Granite PaversGranite pavers are the ideal choice for high and low traffic for residential, commercial and community pavement applications. Driveways, walkways, pathways, patios and pool surrounds are some of the more common residential applications where granite pavers are used and at some stage will require cleaning from various elements. In many instances, debris, light stains and heavy stains are unavoidable and can affect the look of the pavement presentation that is why it’s imperative to apply a sealing product as it will make cleaning and removing stains effectively and with ease. All landscape contractors will apply a sealing product as the finishing touches, for additional surface protection.

Cleaning Solutions Specifically Formulated For Granite Pavers

The responsibility of home owners is to continue applying a sealing product on a yearly basis to continue surface protection and maintain a clean presentation. Although sometimes stains are unavoidable, especially oil stains on driveways; it’s advisable to clean granite pavers with a suitable cleaning solution. Paver cleaning solutions have been specially formulated to suit manufactured and natural stone pavers. Always read the label and product information and make sure the solution you choose is specifically suited to cleaning granite pavers.

Cleaning Solutions Containing No Chemicals

There are many paver cleaning products and solutions to clean specific natural stone pavers such as granite. For those who have intentions on removing or cleaning granite pavement applications themselves, make sure you choose the correct and suitable product. Granite pavers cleaning solutions are specially formulated to clean this type of natural stone. They contain no chemicals like concrete cleaners do, which will not harm, weaken and affect the natural texture of granite pavers.

Cleaning Granite Pavers so the Stains do not Penetrate

One of the key issues to removing oil stains and avoids permanent stains, is to clean the granite paver’s surface as soon as possible. By cleaning granite pavers straight away, it will not allow the oil stains to penetrate through the paver’s surface which may allow the stain to become a permanent embedment.

Removing Common Stains

Granite pavers cleaning solutions can be used for the following natural and non natural stain causing elements:

  1. Oil Stains
  2. Grime Stains
  3. Grease Stains
  4. Tire Marks
  5. Debris Stains
  6. Algae Stains
  7. Moss Stains
  8. Rust Stains
  9. Efflorescence

Debris on Granite PaversTo remove non stubborn stains, debris and efflorescence stains, high pressure water hydraulic equipment may be all you need. Always, consult with a professional for further advice in cleaning granite pavement applications.