Hiring a Paver Contractor or Installer

Hiring the right installer is just as vital as choosing the right materials for your project. The quality and durability of your hardscape or landscape project depends on the experience and knowledge of the company or the contractor you hire.

To make a truly informed decision as to the choice of your installer, it's very important to ask some key questions, in the hope you will get the right answers and not just lip service.

It can mean the difference between achieving all your goals and desires, being on time, on budget - or flat out, falling short on all your expectations and blowing out your costs.

This is not the time or place to take shortcuts so the more homework and preparation you put in before choosing the right paver installer or contractor, the better. You'll also command more respect and satisfaction knowing some essential industry jargon.

We recommend you study our list of questions below, to ask the paver installers or contractors you interview. This can be done by phone or at the actual job site, though we do recommend that you meet in person and see first hand just how professional, prompt and experienced the paver installers or contractors are.

Q1. How many years of knowledge, training and experience does the paver installer have?
Q2. Ask if the paver installer to furnish you with references for the most recent jobs they completed in the last 6 months? (Always contact the people who gave the references to make sure they are legitimate and staisfied customers.)
Q3. Is the project installation plan concise and accurate? Do you understand every part of it? (Always ask to see photo samples or real paver samples of the colors you are considering for the project.)
Q4. Ask the installer if they have any paver or hardscape visualization software programs they demonstrate how the project will look using before and after renderings of your driveway, patio, deck or backyard.
Q5. Learn as much as you can about the installation company or individual's reputation, background and history such as how long they've been in business?
Q6. Find out if the installation company or individual's state licence is active, along with any certifications they posess?
Q7. Ask the installer if they are fully insured and bonded and also which insurance provider?
Q8. What type of guarantee is the installer prepared to offer you as to the quality and service being rendered? Do they offer incentives or discounts for going over thier projected timeline?
Q9. Insist that they draft a written proposal or contract before the project commences. (Include a detailed description of the project and a time schedule.
Q10. Ask if the installer offers a maintenance plan to provide ongoing maintenance and repairs or cleaning, sealing and restoration services over a set period of time.

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Finally, don't hesitate to ask any questions when interviewing a prospective paver contractor or installer. Always check the accuracy of the information provided and don't leave any questions unanswered.