Paver Lighting Commercial and Residential Uses

Commercial Applications for Paver Lighting

Paver lighting for commercial use is usually manufactured to suit the particular site where the lighting will be implemented. So if it is a high traffic area, the paver lights are manufactured with extra thick lenses and stronger ribbing.

Paver lights for commercial use are produced in higher quantities, and each contains special holding tabs, this makes for a greater holding mechanism.

paver lighting

Paver lighting can be used for significant and special buildings, or popular nightspots around town. Perhaps around the church grounds, airports, shopping malls, school grounds, roadways, highways, and leading to and in parking lots. Paver lighting will light up any area used after the sun goes down, which enables people to walk and drive around safely.

Not only do paver lights make it safe for people to get around, but they can also be used for their aesthetic beauty. Dozens of small lights imbedded into the pavement can create an almost mystical elegance.

Residential Applications of Paver Lighting

paver lighting

Paver lighting is also widely used for residential applications. Paver lights can be applied to the driveway, on patios, balconies, fountains, stairways, and walkways and even around the pool area.

Once installed in these areas, paver lighting will give directional light to you and your guests. Paver lights will guide people around the pool, the garden and the driveways, making it a much safer environment to travel around in the nighttime.

Paver lighting is not only a functional product, but they are also a design product. They will add a dynamic look to your landscaping features. Paver lights can create a visual spectacle, somewhat magical. The lights can add beauty to the simplest of things. For instance, you can install paver lights into a retaining wall, adding visual appeal to it.

Paver lights can also be applied indoors. It is becoming very popular to install paver lights into archways, the entrances and lighting up columns. Paver lights applied indoors, are used to create the appeal of mood lighting.