Limestone Paver Colors

Limestone Pavers Limestone is a strong and beautiful stone. Limestone Pavers are available in many different colors and shades. Quarries located within miles of each other can produce six very different colors of Limestone. There is bound to be a Limestone color to suit
your individual taste and match the rest of the surroundings of your property.

Due to the variations in computer color settings, we recommend that you seek out actual samples of the colors you are interested in, from the manufacturer that you choose. The colors produced on the computer screen are as accurate as possible, however, it is better to be safe than sorry. Any installation project is important to the appearance of your home, so you want to be sure you’re getting what you want.

Another factor to consider when using natural stone products is that each stone will have slight variations in color, texture, veining and specks. The great thing about using a stone product such as Limestone is that it allows you to create a very natural and rustic ambience.

Limestone Colors

Limestone Pavers

Limestone pavers come in an array of pastel shades, ranging from the blues and grays to tans. Limestone pavers can also be found in dark blacks. This occurs when there is a high content of organic material. When yellows and browns are prominent this is a sign of a high content of iron oxides.

Because limestone is a natural stone, the variance in

color from one paver to the next, is what makes them so unique. Each limestone feature will always differ from another, which means if you like to be an individual, then limestone is the answer!

Here is a list of some of the varieties of colors that are available in Limestone Pavers.

  • White, Cream, Creamy Beige, Beige, Pewter
  • Straw, Sandy, Golden,
  • Peachy, Orange, Rusty, Terra cotta, Copper
  • Tan, Cinnamon, Light Brown, Brown, Coffee
  • Red, Raspberry, Burgundy, Plum
  • Rose, Pink , Pastel Pink
  • Light Gray, Gray
  • Blue/ Gray: this is the most common type of Limestone color, referred to as Blue Kota.
  • Charcoal, Black

Limestone Paver Cream Color

Pink Limestone Paver

Veining, Streaking and Speckling


Due to the fact that Limestone consists of fossils of marine life including; bones, shells and shellfish, there tends to be a lot of veining, streaking and speckling on the surface of the pavers. This is the case of most varieties of limestone. There are definitely varying degrees of veining and speckling. Some varieties of Limestone contain very small specks, while others are completely covered in streaks of contrasting color or colors. This all adds to the natural appeal of Limestone Pavers.