Mexican Paver Colors

Mexican pavers are hand made clay pavers. Mexican pavers vary in color and come in an array of shapes and sizes.

Mexican Pavers Colors

There are companies that specialize in the staining of Mexican Pavers. Due to their natural soft clay content, Mexican pavers

Mexican Pavers
absorb stain colors very easily.

It is possible for you to match up the pavers with other color schemes in the house. You can have your color custom made to suit your particular look.

The Benefits of Sealing

Because Mexican pavers are made from natural clay, they tend to have a characteristic soft and highly absorptive consistency. This means that sealing them is paramount.

By sealing Mexican pavers you are pro-longing their life span, guarding them from the effects of weather, and wear and tear. Sealing also protects and enhances the color and texture of the clay product. If used unsealed, color will fade along with the unique texture of the Mexican pavers.

Another benefit of sealing Mexican pavers is that cleaning and maintenance becomes quick and easy. Cleaning and re-sealing Mexican pavers should be carried out on a regular basis. This process will protect the pavers, and also retain their color and overall look.



Penetrating sealers will protect the original appearance of your Mexican Pavers, retaining their natural color. This type of sealer will protect your pavers from stains, without leaving an actual coating. Hence, your pavers will still be exposed to debris and wear and tear. It is the perfect sealer for those who want to achieve a rustic, natural look to their Mexican Pavers.

Mexican Pavers with Sealer

Penetrating sealers when applied to outdoor pavers will require little to no maintenance. This makes them an effective and popular sealer for outdoor applications.


Enhancing sealers provide a semi-wet look to your Mexican Pavers, highlighting their colors and textures, without giving them a coating. This sealer will highlight both good and natural characteristics of your Mexican Pavers.


This sealer is a surface sealer; it provides a semi-gloss or gloss coating. This is the most popular type of sealer on the market. It also highlights the colors and characteristics of your Mexican Pavers, while giving it a shine. Though it is the most durable of the sealers, you should consult your manufacturer, as to the best sealer for your particular application of Mexican Pavers.