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What are Mexican Pavers?

Mexican pavers are hand made clay pavers, traditionally made by Mexican artisans. They have been around for hundreds of years. The methods for making them have been passed down for generations.

Mexican pavers come in many varieties, all with their own names. Each variety is usually named after the town or region where the particular clay is found.

Mexican pavers vary in color and come in an array of shapes and sizes. All pavers must be sealed, in order to protect their naturally soft consistency.



Saltillo pavers are made from clay that is found in Saltillo, Mexico. It is the most popular of all the Mexican pavers. It is available in a variety of colors, ranging from creamy off whites to peachy reds.

Saltillo pavers create a natural rustic feel, for each paver is unique in color and texture.

Mexican Tile

Super Saltillo

Over the years Mexican manufacturers have been working continuously to  improve the Saltillo tile. What they have come up with is the “Super Saltillo” tile. The Super Saltillo has a denser surface, with rounded edges, and are pressed and fired in a kiln. In the production process, they go through a mill that crushes the lime content into the clay, before they are pressed.

The clay used to produce these Super Saltillo pavers does not even come from Saltillo. It comes from Northwestern Mexico. So are they really Saltillo Pavers? The differences between the regular Saltillo and the Super Saltillo are quite significant. Firstly, the Super Saltillo is not stain-able like regular Saltillo is. Secondly, Super Saltillo does not seal as well as the regular Saltillo does. So they are in fact not really the same!


 Lincoln clay type is very dark in color; it comes close to being brown. This clay type retains color consistency from one paver to the next. Lincoln is a very durable clay type.


 Hacienda clay is a very durable clay, and can be custom made in size and shape. This makes Hacienda pavers ideal for those outdoor applications. The colors available are mainly yellows and oranges.

Mexican Pavers


Mexican pavers are mostly used for residential projects, both for the indoor and outdoor use. They are commonly used in driveways, walkways, patios and balconies. They can also add rustic appeal to bathroom walls and floors. Mexican pavers are ideal for creating wall and floor features or murals.