Mexican Pavers Maintenance

It is highly recommended that regular maintenance procedures be carried out for your Mexican Pavers. Because they are natural clay pavers, they require some tender loving care. By giving your Mexican Pavers a little attention, you will ensure that the overall appearance and durability will be sustained for the life of your installation.  

Mexican Pavers

We will discuss the various maintenance procedures that will help to protect and preserve your Mexican Pavers. These cleaning guidelines are based on the condition that your Mexican Pavers have been sealed appropriately.

Washing Your Mexican Pavers

First of all you should consult your manufacturer or hardware store, for information on the best type of cleaning solution for your particular application of Mexican Pavers. It is important to use the right solution for there are so many available on the market today.

Before cleaning grout dark
After cleaning Mexican Pavers Once you have sought out the appropriate cleaning solution, you are ready to clean your pavers. Always use a soft yet tough enough scrub brush, to get into the grout joints and pits in the paver surface. Using a mop just won’t do the job properly. Attach the soft brush to a broom handle, and follow the application instructions that came with the the cleaning solution. Ensure that you rinse the pavers at least twice after applying any cleaning solutions.

Every Day Cleaning

It is recommended that on a you carry out routine cleaning procedures, such as; sweeping, damp mopping with warm water, or dry dust mopping on a daily basis. Use water only and no additives.

Waxing Your Mexican Pavers

Use only the manufacturer recommended waxing products for your Mexican Pavers. Always use a brush with soft bristles for the application of the wax. The brush needs to be coarse enough to get into the grout joints and pits in the Pavers, but not too coarse that they scratch or damage your Pavers. Simply consult the manufacturer for any extra tips if needed.

Efflorescence Cleaning

Mexican paver with efflorescence and scuffing Efflorescence is the white haze that appears on most types of outdoor paver applications, including Mexican Pavers. It is a natural occurring discharge and cannot be prevented. Efflorescence comes directly from beneath the pavers and is a reaction to the build up of moisture and the materials used. The most efficient way of dealing with efflorescence is by using breathing type products, namely sealers.

By using a breathable sealer you will allow the moisture and efflorescence to reach the surface, rather than being trapped. If it is trapped, the only way to get rid of it is for the floor to be stripped. So ensure that you only use breathing products on your Mexican Pavers.

Mexican paver after cleaning