Porphyry Stone Pavers Colors

Porphyry is by nature a multi-colored stone. So when looking at color charts for various manufacturers, keep in mind that the colors should be looked at as a general appearance. Porphyry can vary from stone to stone, because it is a natural stone. This beautiful color palette makes it such a unique paving material.

Natural Porphyry Stone Pavers show a variety of natural coloration

The colors of Porphyry are so versatile they can be matched to any existing or new pavers that they may accompany in your project. You can be guaranteed that every Porphyry Paver application will be different in color shade from the next application. This ensures your installation will always be an original.

Using a combination of Porphyry colors can create an appealing contrast, particularly if Porphyry Pavers are used with other stones. For example, two colors of Porphyry along with Marble, can result in an elegant feature or centerpiece.

Porphyry Natural Stone Pavers Color

The colors of porhyry pavers


Red Hue for Porphyry Stone Pavers Porphyry most commonly comes in varied shades of red. The red shades range from pink, to reddish to dark ochre. These reds usually contain speckles of white, pink, charcoal and sometimes orange, which alters the hue in certain areas. This shade includes the Patagonian Porphyry and dominant red hued multi-colored Porphyry Pavers. The finish on this color shade is generally a natural cleft surface.


This shade of Porphyry is never uniform in color. The dominant hues range from gray to purple gray and tan, with varying intensity. Depending on the type of Porphyry, the colors of the speckles can vary. The Patagonian type has whitish and pink speckles in the background, while the Trentino Porphyry has pink and black speckles.


Red-Brown Porphyry Paver Coloration

This variety of Porphyry is dominated by red, brown purple and rust colored hues. The speckles in this variety are generally white, pink, dark brown and clear; type of crystals. These translucent crystal specks create a dynamic appeal.


This variety of Porphyry is dominated by red, purple and ruby red colored hues. The speckles of this variety are generally white and dark red. The surface is commonly rough.