Porphyry Stone Pavers Introduction

What Is Porphyry Stone?

Porphyry is a type of igneous rock. The significance of igneous rocks is that they are comprised of large crystals, usually quartz and feldspar crystals called phenocrysts, of greater than 2 millimeters which can be seen by the human eye. These larger crystals are mixed with tiny crystal materials called the groundmass to form an igneous rock.         

Porphyry Pavers

The formation of natural porphyry deposits is a two-phase process. Hot magma mixes with overlying rock material to form the larger crystals, then when the magma spits out of the volcanic origin, it mixes with the tiny crystal groundmass and cools very quickly to form the igneous rock structure.

History of Porphyry

The ancient Egyptians were one of the first people to quarry porphyry stone successfully. Egyptian kings and queens were the exclusive benefactors of porphyry works and masterpieces.

 In about the year 300 A.D. the ancient Romans used porphyry to decorate royal palace rooms for family members of the royal empire. King Louis the fourteenth of France is known to have owned the world’s largest collection of porphyry stone.

Variety of Porphyry

There are many varieties of porphyry stones and their name is derived from the character of the phenocrysts (large crystals) in the groundmass. They are found in main classes of igneous rocks such as granite, syenite, diorite, gabbro, and peridotite.

Porphyry Pavers and Tiles

Porphyry Pavers and Tiles are recommended for exterior paving applications, such as; patios, courtyards, walkways and driveways. They are ideal for outdoor flooring because they are freeze, thaw and slip resistant. Porphyry Pavers will create a brilliant look, with various sizes, shapes and thicknesses available.

Porphyry Flagging

This is the best value type of Porphyry paving material. Flagging or irregular Flagging is suitable for outdoor projects like; patios, pathways, courtyards and portals. Porphyry Flagging is ideal for bordering the swimming pool, because of its rough textured surface finish.

Porphyry Cubes

Porphyry Cubes are simply, cubes of patterns. They are also the most popular style of Porphyry used today!

There are three main sizes of Porphyry Cubes, each with their own recommendations for applications.

  • 2”Cubes: recommended for light traffic paving areas, such as; patios, courtyards, swimming pools and pathways.
  • 3”Cubes: recommended for roads used by vehicle and pedestrian traffic, in urban areas.
  • 4”Cubes: recommended for heavy loads, high traffic type of pavements.
Porphyry Pavers