Rubber Pavers Applications - Shapes

Rubber Pavers and their uses:

Rubber pavers are a versatile material commonly used residentially or commercially and predominantly in outdoor areas. There are various reasons to choose rubber pavers when landscaping or paving different applications such as driveways, walkways, playgrounds and other various outdoor applications.

Rubber Pavers indoor use Another key characteristic of rubber pavers is their adaptability to interior and exterior applications. It is because they are available in a variety of shapes, colors, patterns, textures and finishes that rubber pavers have become increasingly popular.

Other beneficial features of rubber pavers include:

  • Their wonderful ability to withstand abuse-orientated spaces
  • It is ideal for extra heavy duty use both indoors and outdoors
  • It is impervious to ice, water, and extreme temperatures.
  • Safe and Slip-resistant (useful for walkways and playgrounds)

With attractive final finishes that provide a virtually maintenance free end result, great safety features and amazing durability, it is apparent as to why rubber pavers are utilized in the construction of patios, walkways, driveways, horse barns and playgrounds.

Rubber Paver Shapes:

The two most common rubber paver shapes are square or rectangular. However, there are other shapes that are adopted in paver interior ad exterior applications. Such other paver shapes include the ‘dog bone’ shape and the ‘Z-brick’ paver. Hexagon, diamond and embossed tile are amongst the variety of rubber paver shapes that are also utilized quite often.

Dogbone Rubber Paver
Dogbone Shaped Rubber Paver Interlocking Pattern Furthermore, the variety of rubber paver shapes has enabled the creation of other various paving patterns. Herringbone, running bond and basket weave are amongst numerous paving patterns available for consumers to choose from. Half course and full course paver shapes are important to paving patterns such as cobble lock and concourse series.
Rubber pavers such as softscape are molded into a hexagon shape. They encompass the slip resistance, durability and maintenance free qualities that most rubber pavers possess. This shape has been applied to heavy foot traffic areas such as swimming pools, supermarkets, gymnasiums, walkways and paths. Softscape paver
Rubber Paver Softscape hexagon shape