Rubber Pavers Colors


Introduction to Rubber Pavers

Rubber pavers are an extremely versatile material that can be used in residential and commercial provinces. Their wonderful attributes and advantages make them suitable for areas that desire a very foot-safe atmosphere.

Rubber pavers are generally produced from recycled tires and are very useful for heavy foot traffic areas that are often abused and in need of constant replacement. Low maintenance and the general ease of replacing rubber pavers have made them a commonly used material in sporting gymnasiums, horse barns, child playgrounds and walkways. 

Rubber Flooring

Furthermore people generally aim to reduce the chance of injuries when children are playing or when horses are running, Rubber pavers solve that problem. Their high slip resistance and grip they provide are the solution to this problem because of their comfortable cushioning and flexibility.

The Colors of Rubber Pavers

The availability of rubber pavers in various sizes and colors has made them more useful nowadays because of the different demands of present-day consumers. Ranging from small to large paver sizes, you can be assured that there is a size to meet your needs and wishes!

Rubber Pavers The introduction of the ‘Dog bone’ paver has nevertheless enabled the creation of an interlocking rubber paver pattern. Dog Bone pavers have outstanding qualities such as their ability to withstand wear and tear, and they are lighter yet stronger than most commonly used rubber pavers.

The decision of whether rubber pavers should be installed with or without adhesive primarily depends on the thickness of the paver. Thinner materials are usually installed with adhesive whilst thicker pavers do not need an adhesive, they can be installed into a prepared base.

Rubber pavers are available in a wide array of colors that include:

Terra cotta: Brownish-orange color that is commonly used for roof tiles

Black: Black is dark, conservative and matches well with any color that is not dark. It has conflicting connotations and is quite popular for its ability to hide dirt and stains.

Rubber Colors

Red: Red denotes love and emotion to violence and warfare.

Beige: Beige is a neutral color that is of brownish contrast. It is easily matched to other colors and is more commonly used for residential paving.

Rubber pavers are also available in green, blue, brown, gray and tan.