Installing Sandstone Pavers

One of the great benefits of using Sandstone Pavers is that it’s easy to install. Sandstone Pavers can also be installed anywhere indoors or outdoors. They can be applied to walkways, balconies, feature pieces, as pool surroundings, and edges to gardens. Sandstone Pavers come in a wide range of colors. They can also be cut to any size and shape desired. Another benefit of using Sandstone Pavers is that they can be installed in many types of patterns.
Sandstone Paver Installation

Sandstone Pavers are a soft and versatile.  It is very popular among builders beacuse it is  easy to work with.

There are 2 simple ways of installing sandstone pavers. Either do-it-yourself or you may choose to hire a professional paver installer.

Tools and Materials Required

The most important materials needed are the Sandstone Pavers. A couple of other tools and materials required are:

  • Paver base (cement)
  • A level
  • Sand
  • Cement
  • Masonry saw
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Soft head hammer
  • Chisel
  • Stone sealer
Sandstone Paver Installation

The Installation Process

Here is a quick guideline for installing Sandstone Pavers:

  1. The area is first cleared and a trench is dug out, or the site is excavated flat and then leveled off.
  2. A paver base is then added to the ground, about a couple of inches thick.
  3. The Sandstone Pavers are then cut to shape and size. A chisel can also be used to create a ruff around the edges look.
  4. The pavers are then laid, interlocking with each other to create type of pattern chosen.
  5. Hammering the pavers once they are laid, (onto the paver base) helps keep them in place also.
  6. Once all pavers are laid out, sand is then poured over the top of the paved area and swept over several times. This is done to ensure no gaps are seen between the pavers.
  7. A sealant can then be applied.
  8. Paved area should then be left for 24hours.

Sandstone Installation Step 1


Sandstone Installation Step 6


Sandstone Paver require little maintenance but need to be kept free of dirt. One of the great factors of using Sandstone Pavers is that not much maintenance is required. As long as the paved area is swept free of dirt, hosed down frequently, and weeds pulled out between the gaps, it keeps well. That is all the maintenance  required to keep your Sandstone Pavers in excellent condition.