Slate Tile - Slate Pavers Benefits

The Advantages of Using Slate Tile Pavers

The benefits of using slate tile or slate pavers as a building or landscaping material are abundant. Slate pavers give you the strength of concrete, with a unique texture and style. They are available in many sizes, have straight sides and edges, and come in uniform thicknesses. These factors make working with slate tiles or pavers a dream for any tradesman, and even the handyman at
Slate Pavers

Another advantage of using slate is it is unaffected by acid, so it can be laid directly onto soil, unlike other materials which need sand beds. The look created with the use of slate tiles or pavers will always be unique, for the designs can vary by rotating the pavers or tile, along with the amazing array of colors available!


Slate tile pavers make a beautiful spa surrounding

Slate pavers can be applied in commercial and residential sites. Commercial applications of slate pavers include buildings, walls, steps, curbsides, gravestones, pavilions and public pavements.

Residential applications of slate tiles includes  patio flooring, roof

tiles, driveways, steps, features, retaining walls and walkways around the garden. The list goes on and on!

Another application of slate has been as landfill. There is an abundance of waste produced from leftover slate material that is now being used by construction companies as landfill for road and rail projects.

Slate Waste

As a result of decades of quarrying slate, there are huge tips of slate waste, consisting of shards, dust, and scraps and scalping. It

Slate Waste
is the leftovers from prepared slate applications.

There is approximately 3 billion tons of slate waste in the Snowdonia National Park alone. Even though this waste has been used as landfill, as cheap sub-base material, and surface dressing, there is still so much waste accumulating. The fact is that supply is outweighing demand by far!

There has been a recent surge in the market, where construction companies have been transporting huge amounts of slate waste to England, to be used as fill for the road and rail construction projects. However, this has still not made much of a hole in the quantity of waste. For just as quick as it’s taken away, new waste is produced.

Using Slate Waste as Garden Decoration

Slate waste is also used as a decorative surface dressing for gardens. It is a cheap alternative and has attracted the attention of garden designers and landscapers.