Slate Tile - Slate Pavers Colors

Slate Tile Pavers are a firm, non-slip; hard wearing stone that for many years was used for roof tiles. These days Slate Tile Pavers are still very popular. They can be used inside the home as flooring, tabletops, patios, and kitchen benches and in bathrooms. Slate Tile Pavers are also commonly used outdoors as pool surrounding, fountains, and feature pieces in gardens.

Slate is usually known as a metamorphic rock. Slate Tile Pavers are made up of shale and also contain types of

The interesting color and design of slate tile pavers
minerals like clay and chlorite. Minerals and particles give Slate Tile Pavers their undoubtedly unique colors.

Slate Tile Pavers are available in a wide range of colors, and sizes.

Types of Colors

Slate Tile Pavers come in a broad range of colors; in fact no Slate Tile Paver will ever be the same in color. Slate is usually found in colors such as dark Grays, Blacks, Blues, and Purples. But depending on the Minerals formed in the grounds where Slate is quarried, any color can be produced.

Slate Tile Pavers show their many colors

One color is never featured on a tile on its own. Here are some examples of what Slate Tile Paver colors have to offer:

  • Green slate may have lime greens, pastel greens, and bright greens streaking through them.
  • Gray slate may have colors like white, black, and blue streaking through them.
  • Red slate may have oranges, yellows, and browns streaking through them.
  • Black slate may have brown, white, orange, gray and red streaking through them.
  • Blue slate may have pastel blue, white, gray and dark blue streaking through them.

Slate Tiles have different colors streaking through them
Multi Colored Slate Tile Slate Tile Pavers (being multi colored) are very unique and the wide range of colors today help enhance the look of your home indoors and out. Slate’s stunning colors also give you the opportunity to choose any color décor you desire.

Color Care

Dark colored Slate Tile Pavers need to be polished with a high gloss sealant. When dark colors are exposed to the sun they tend to fade over time. The high gloss sealant can be applied several times a year (around every 3 months) to ensure the outstanding colors keep their natural affect.

Dark colored slate tile