Slate Pavers FAQs


Q: What is slate?

A: Slate is a metamorphic rock that is composed of many ingredients such as mica, quartz, calcite and chlorite. Those ingredients are bounded together by the heat of the earths crust forming large sheets of slate. Slate is generally found in the oceans floor and riverbeds.


Q: Should Slate tile pavers be used as flooring?

A: Of course! Slate tile pavers are one of the most durable natural stones. In fact slate is very sturdy and will last you a lifetime.

Q: Can slate tile pavers be installed onto a wooden surface or a sand surface?

A: It is always recommended that slate tile pavers be installed onto a bed of mortar. For some exterior installations slate tile pavers can be applied only to high exterior grade plywood. It is not recommended for slate tile pavers to be installed onto sand.

Q: What type of colors does slate tile pavers come in?

A: The list of colors is never ending. Slate is very rich and unique in color that in some cases no two pavers will ever be the same in color. Some of the common colors include; green, blue-grey, red, orange, purple, white and black. Most of these basic colors will have other unusual colors streaking through them.

Colors of Slate

Q: Will the colors fade or change over long lengths of time?

A: Yes! Slate contains a high amount of iron. The iron formed in the slate will change the color. This is most likely to happen in darker tinted slate such as black, brown, and even green. Eventually they will show colors like pinks, whites, and creams streaking through them.

Q: Will slate tile pavers react to chemicals?

A: No! Most of the cleaning agents that are recommended to be used for slate contain some type of chemical, athough harsh acidic and bleach chemicals may affect slate.

Q: Should I polish my slate flooring with a gloss?

Gloss Coating A: If you are after a shiny and glossy finish then go right ahead. By painting a gloss onto your slate flooring you are protecting its natural color and texture. It is recommended that you reapply the gloss several times a year as it wears off over time. Another option is to leave it natural slate needs to breathe occasionally to maintain its rich texture.

Q: Are slate tile pavers non-slip?

A: Yes! Slate can be coated in a non-slip formula and is usually done by the manufacturer. However in most cases the natural texture of slate is very dense and already naturally non-slip.

 Q: Is Slate as strong as concrete?

A: Yes! Slate tile pavers are just as durable as concrete pavers. Their high durability and magnificent texture make them very manageable for any interior or exterior flooring project.

Q: Can Slate be used for roof tiling?

A: Yes! This just proves the amazing versatility of slate, it is not only used as flooring it is also used for roofing needs. The roof of your home is very important it’s the main protection you have and slate is the best material which helps protect you even more.

Slate Roof Tiles