Slate Tile - Slate Pavers

About Slate Tile and Pavers and their History

Natural Slate Stone Slate has been widely used for centuries in the building industry. Its main function has been as a building stone due to its easy to work with texture. However, it is a very heavy material, thus quite expensive to move around, so it was mainly used in regions close to slate quarries. Those areas producing such beautiful slate tiles included Wales, Portugal, United Kingdom and New York.

Research shows that in the third century slate tile was being used by the Romans for roofing and flooring in the districts around North-West Wales.


Slate is a natural quarried stone consisting mainly of quartz and muscovite particles. Some of the secondary ingredients may include chlorite, graphite and magnetite. The process of slate formation begins when layers and layers of clay and volcanic ash have been foliated together over a long period of time. This foliation then forms the clay and ash into a finely grained sedimentary rock.


Slate tile and pavers come in many amazing and varied colors, ranging from the dark blacks and browns, to purples and greens, to blue-grays and also reds and rusts. The aesthetic appeal of slate tile or pavers is that no two tiles are the same, not only in color but also in texture! The use of slate gives a natural yet elegant appeal!
Slate Tile Pavers

Slate Paving Stones

Slate Paving Stones will give you the look of traditional slate with the strength and durability of concrete.

Slate Paving Stones are available with straight edges, straight sides, a variety of sizes and consistent thicknesses. These features make Slate Paving Stones so easy to work with when installing them. It also means that they are extremely versatile when it comes to laying out various patterns and designs.

Slate Paving Stones are flexible and have high compressive strength, with an absorption rate of less than 5%. This makes Slate Pavers a great flooring alternative for your patio, decking and walkways.

Slate Planking

Slate Planking Pavers are produced in varying lengths and widths, to simulate the look of wood planking. They imitate the look of wood, but you get the strength and durability of natural stone.

Slate Plank Pavers are gauged on the bottom, to provide a smooth, flat, easy installation material. They can be cut into varying dimensions to satisfy any application, design or pattern desired. Slate Plank Pavers will always achieve a natural ambience, for formal or the more rustic applications.