Slate Pavers Patterns

Introduction to Slate Pavers

One of the valued qualities of slate tile pavers is its everlasting beauty. Slate tile pavers are so elegant and classy. They are available in many beautiful colors, shapes and sizes for you to choose from. Slate is used on many applications such as flooring both for indoor and outdoor use and also for roof tiling. Wherever slate tile pavers are used around your home, they are sure to increase the value of your home immensely.

Slate Tile Pavers

Slate is one of the many natural stones. It is quarried all around the world and produced in sheets. Once it reaches the factories it is then cut into various shapes. Squared-cut shape is one of the most common slate shapes along with rectangular and oblong shapes.


The shape of a paver will most likely determine the overall pattern. With slate tile pavers they are normally square in shape and cut. This is important because some shapes of slate can only be laid in random patterns.

Random Patterns

Random Pattern Random slate patterns are created as  you go lay your slate pavers! Just lay the next paver where it fits. Random patterns are great for all flooring applications. With their distinctive finishes you’ll be in for a surprise. The overall look of a random pattern is generally quite busy.
There are also many different and unusual shapes that can be included in a random pattern. One of the key benefits of a random pattern is it will differ every time a pattern is laid out, thus creating a unique style.
Irregular Patterns

Fixed Patterns

Fixed patterns for slate tile pavers are generally similar to patterns that most other stones or pavers can achieve. With an fixed pattern, you can be certain as to what finished look will be like.

Some of the more common fixed patterns are:

  • Herringbone
  • Parquet
  • Running bond
  • Stacked
  • Zigzagged
  • Smokey stacked
Common Pattern

Irregular Patterns

Slate tile pavers are known for their irregular patterns. This is due to their individual shapes and sizes. Although slate tile pavers can be cut to any particular shape or size many like to keep them in their natural state. This is mainly because of the natural beauty, individual designs, and styles slate has to offer.

Installing Slate Tile Paver Patterns

Fixed Patterns Installing any type of pattern is easily done. There are several techniques you can follow. You can ask a professional installer to do the work. With a professionals expertise the job will be done in no time. If you decide to D-I-Y,, you may request a print out of a pattern and all you have to do is follow it. Or if you are confident enough to create your own patterns then pave away. Laying patterns can be so simple.

Using slate tile pavers will give you a pleasurable experience and a magnificent outlook.