Slate Tile - Slate Pavers Shapes

Slate Tile Pavers are a natural stone. Slate is produced in places like the ocean and rivers, and can be found all over the world especially in places like India, Russia and China. Slate is made up of shale, mica, quartz, minerals and chlorite. With the help of the heat the earth’s core produces clay and then bonds them together to form sheets of slate.
Notice the random pattern of the tile pavers

Slate Tile Pavers are very popular today and are being used inside and outside the home. Slate Tile Pavers can be used as walkways, patios, in bathrooms, flooring throughout the house, roofing instead of terra cotta tiles, and as pool surroundings.

The beauty of using Slate Tile Pavers around your home is that they can be cut to any shape required. There are also many colors available, and many patterns to choose from.

Types of Shapes

Slate Tile Pavers once quarried, are formed into large thin sheets of slate. They then can be cut using masonry saw down to any shape desired. This is a great advantage because everybody has a different taste in which shapes they would like to use around their homes.

Random slate tile pavers shapes

Some shapes available today are:

  • Rectangle
  • Oblong
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Diamond
  • Octagon
Square Tile Shapes

Combinations of all the above shapes are used also. This creates very unique and individual designs and patterns. One example of a combination is the oblong shape can be used as the boarder, the square shape can be used throughout, and the octagon shape can be used as a center or feature piece.

Custom Made and Irregular Shapes

Custom Slate Tile Paver Shapes When the Slate Tile Pavers are being cut to shape and size a lot of pieces are broken off. This is where irregular shapes are produced. When irregular shapes are installed they are not interlocked together. Common places irregular shapes are found are in the backyard as stepping-stones or centerpieces in the garden.

Custom made shapes can be made and found at many manufactures around the world today. Or you can simply produce them yourself by sawing the slate to your desired shape.