Paver Power Tools Purposes

About Paves and Tools

The range of paver tools and saws is divided into two categories. Power tools and hand tools. Each category of tools is suitable for certain designated purposes and specific functions.

Trimmers, cutters, and chisels are amongst the hand tools that are used to shape, split and truncate pavers that are used in patio, walkway, and driveway design. It is important to note that these different power and hand tools should perform different functions for different types of pavers.

Paver Tools

The distinction between the uses and purposes can be seen as follows:

Pressed Concrete Flags

Concrete Slabs

Power saws are neat and quick to complete the job, although some hand trimming may still be required. Hand tools will not produce the neat and tidy finish such as that of the power tools. Splitters will only be able to penetrate small-element paving that has a thickness less than 65mm.

Hydraulic splitters are suitable for such pavers.

Wet Cast Flags

Hand tools will not be able to trim or cut through wet cast flags because of the unit characteristics. Power saws are most appropriate in such a situation because of their ability to produce a fast, neat and tidy outcome. Splitters will also be of no use based on the unit’s characteristics.

Power Saw

Natural Stone

Hand Tools

Hand tools are quite suitable for altering natural stone pavers and through their application, a quarry-fettered look can be achieved. Power tools tend to produce a neat and tidy finish, although a hand-tool finish is more appropriate given their ability to create a more natural look.

The use of splitter will be determined by the thickness of the stone. If a hand split is not able to complete the desired task, a hydraulic splitter will then be required.

Clay Pavers

Clay Pavers can be trimmed, cut or split by both power and hand tools. Splitters are an often quicker, faster, cleaner and more accurate substitute to hand tools. Note that specialist clap splitters are available from most major hardware suppliers. Power tools are the most preferred option although they can generate a lot of dust. Meanwhile, table mounted saws that encompass a diamond blade and water source is the most ideal method of clay-paver alterations.