More About Travertine Pavers

Travertine Stone PaversTravertine is a natural stone which is formed from calcium carbonate in hot springs. Centuries of buildup of calcium carbonate and the presents of limestone content eventually form naturally in the hot springs. The combination of the two natural elements forms travertine stone. This type of natural stone is quarried from mountainous regions in Turkey and Italy. The history of travertine stone dates back centuries as this stone was used to build The Pyramids in Egypt and The Coliseum in Italy that still stand today. That’s how durable and strong this natural stone is.

Travertine PaversSince the original use of travertine stone for building monumental landmarks worldwide, this wonderful stone was also used for other indoor and outdoor applications to suit individual styles and themes of that era. The travertine stone of the modern era is still widely used for many internal and external applications. One particular landscaping product is travertine pavers. The way that travertine pavers are produced is still in the same manner of quarrying from centuries ago, but is now a much quicker process. After the quarrying process, the stones are cut into various sizes, shapes and thickness and are used as pavers.

The natural beauty and appearance of travertine pavers can be utilized in any outdoor presentation to complement specific styles and themes ranging from modern, contemporary or old world charm. The natural textures of travertine pavers range from light tones to dark shades. Some of the more popular travertine paver’s colors include neutral tones such as beige, white, cream, pink, yellow, brown tones to dark and rich textures.  

Pick Your Own Style or Theme

With such a wide variety of travertine paver’s textures, sizes and shapes, no matter what the style or theme you want to express in your exterior presentation, there are no limits to ones creative imagination. Every home owner and landscape designer will have their own ideas and perceptions of the style or theme to either highlight with travertine pavers or to complement the surroundings.
The following are the four most common types of decorative styles and themes that can be used in residential settings.

  1. Contemporary
  2. Modern  
  3. Old World Look
  4. Traditional Look

Contemporary And Modern Paving Styles

Comtemporary Traavertine StyleMany home owners and landscape designers are opting for contemporary or modern styles for outdoor pavement applications and incorporating certain travertine pavers’ styles and textures to complement the area theme and surroundings. This type of theme or decorative style can be achieved by using travertine pavers that are white, beige or a light neutral color. The travertine shapes that are used for contemporary style are usually regular in shapes and laid in a running bond pattern.

Old World Look

Old world look is still a popular style or theme for residential and community pavement presentation. With this old world theme, the more common type of travertine pavers that are featured is irregular shaped, dark and rich in texture. Incorporating the dark texture with the irregular pavers shape, the travertine pavers are laid in an irregular laying pattern which imitates the style and theme from the old world era. 

Traditional Look

Traditional Style Travertine Stone PaversThe traditional style and theme can be achieved by using travertine pavers. To achieve this style or theme, the pavers you choose should be a rectangular or square shaped and the texture should be a dark or rich texture such as reddish, brownish or an orange tone. The traditional laying pattern for this particular theme is the travertine pavers can be laid in an offsetting running bond pattern, basket weave or the herringbone pattern laid horizontally and vertically at different angles.